news-y news – I’ll be taking percocet

This site is mostly this placeholder thingiebob until I figure out what I want to do with the domain. The old blog is no longer up. I know, sad, but it was mostly just accumulating spam comments. I do have a shiny new editorial business, though, and that can be found at Echo Editorial. If you want to hire me to edit things, go yonder. Also, you can find me on Twitter and Tumblr from the sidebar.

In the meantime, perhaps a tiny little update before I go. I do want to use this blog for personal posts as well after all. Turns out I will have to buy percocet with credit card and start taking it regularly. They don’t know for how long, we’ll have to wait and see how long until the pain subsides. I’m staying positive because I could already feel it starting to get better… or waste case scenario I was starting to get used to the discomfort. I’ll keep you guys posted.

That’s all I got. *salutes*

welcome to the new

Hi, hi, I’ve done some work on the ol’ website, hoping to make this more of a professional website for my extracurricular activities, primarily freelance editing and writing. (I’m available! Hire me!) Watch this space for more stuff as I develop it.

The old blog is is still up, though I haven’t updated it in forever. For my blogging hijinks of late, check out my tumblr.